October 1, 2020

Why You Should Have Your Wedding in a City | PAFA Weddings | Philadelphia, PA | Say Yes to the Best

Say Yes to the Best

PAFA Weddings Philadelphia, PA

There are lots of different types of venues where you can have your wedding, but in this episode, I talk with Kate Young of PAFA Weddings about why being in a city can be a great choice for your wedding and your guests. The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is right in Center City Philadelphia, so your wedding will be right in the heart of a major U.S. metropolis.

In the episode, we talk about how some things you may be concerned about – PARKING – may not be as difficult as it seems, as well as some of the major advantages a city venue can give you, as well as a cultural institution like PAFA, where there are priceless works of art that will be the backdrop of your wedding.

I think there’s so much to take away from this episode, so take notes!

(Thumbnail photo by Brittney Raine Photography https://brittneyraine.com/)

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